Raredog goes to Hongkong

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raredog goes to hongkong

This is my second time to travel abroad and my first time in Hongkong, and boy do I feel really excited upon arrival at Chek Lap Kok Airport. Together with family members and friends (all first timers). Exploring Hongkong became an instant adventure for all of us as we don’t have the luxury of having a tour guide to make it easy for us to move around.

We we’re like lost kittens as soon as we entered the airport. Everyone was busy looking and asking for directions just like contestants from the popular show β€œThe Amazing Race” haha!

We got our first taste of being lost as the bus that we took from the airport exceeds us two stations or roughly 5 or 6 kilometers from where we told him we were supposed to alight. A case of miscommunications or wrong pronunciations perhaps. Whatever haha! We forgot to bring out our mini netbooks from our bags and search for maps, as the whole place is wifi zone.

The look of a bunch of 11 weary people carrying assorted bags (that’s us) must have caught the attention of a concern citizen who then instructed us to took the subway to easily find our destination, we actually spend our first four hours in HK (ETA in Hongkong International Airport down to slumping on our beds) wandering on an uncommon place before we finally reached our hostel an hour past midnight. πŸ˜€

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