Pinoy Stunt Rider – Christian Jose

Posted by raredog in Bidyoko Prodaksyon, ... | 10.25.2011 - 6:15 am

This pinoy stunt rider is the best! I’ve saw him several times already performing those difficult stunts (wheelies, stoppies, burnout, etc..) which I’ve only seen done by foreign stunt riders. I tell you its much more awesome if its done by a fellow pinoy.

With this remarkable talent that he got, he probably filled his house by now of trophies and awards from different competition or acknowledgement about his extra-ordinary feat.

His name by the way is Christian Jose. I didn’t know him personally but I saw him regularly at Castrol Motokhana competition raking awards and prizes at the podium. Keep us always amaze with your tricks IDOL! I know its kind of ironic but I’ll still say RIDE SAFE ALWAYS!!!


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