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May 14,2006

Well for the past few days, I had an update of my site. Put some plugins, like the flickr badge, the polls (please vote awesome yeahhh!!!),  the icon of YM (so you would know if I’m online) find it easy, I just paste the code at the sidebar. Hmmm… what else? Ahhh! The smilies!!!  I was in search for plugins smiley days ago, I didn’t know that it is already included in WordPress, what I have to do is to activate it in my Dashboard. Ahhhh… yeahhh…ciao

June 10,2006

Added pics on my Flickr account. Checked my aw-stats and was surprised to see that most of my site visitors came from Australia. Got a free promo for websaytko.com when DJ’s from RX93.1 mentioned it on their program, thanks guys. I registered with feedburner.com as per advised by my mastah, so that I can put those cute little chicklets on my sidebar. (along with my own chicklets, hehe…the websaytko and the redcross.ph). And yes…I.. add a link to my riding buddy smashgear. And lastly…upload a recent-comment and widget plugins, hope it works.. 🙂

June 11,2006

Good news! My widget and recent comment plugins work just fine with my themes, as you can now see it’s on my sidebar already, plus I also added a Google search for all of you to use 😀 . I also limit the number of my post to 5 post only, I know lots of you are having a hard time scrolling up to the bottom of the page…hehe

July 7, 2006

I removed my Recent Posts on the Sidebar, because it has conflict with the recent plug-in (Mullet) I installed. I also add a page “Table of Contents”, this is where my Mullet plug-in shows a List of my recent posts. Complete with the article topics and its dates. Check it out. 😀

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