3 things I love doing again and again

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Blogging at Coco Grove in Batangas

I think it’s pretty obvious because I created this blog – “websaytko” or in english “my website”. Going online on its 6th year next year, whew parang kailang lang ah, mag-aanim na pala! Unprecendented dude!

Although nothing much had happened through my years of blogging except puttin some dollars on my pocket, gain exposure and improve a little of my english grammar and vocabulary. 😀 (meron ba? haha!)

Don’t you know that during the first year of this blog I regularly posted in filipino. haha! You won’t be able to read it now coz I already translated it into english! 😉


Shooting or photography


Mimicking my idol FrancisM

Every blogger needs a camera, that’s how it all started. Having a camera is one way to journal my activity and at the same time the photos I’ve made makes my blog post more lively and colorful. Until it eventually evolves deeper by shooting more than the ordinary snapshots. I got interested on angles, lighting, focus, symmetry, rule of third and everything else follows.

One of my photography legacy is having founded the “Point n Shoot Users” community and the “PnSers Camera Club” of which I’m the incumbent president.  By the way, the club is turning 1 year old this coming November 20, 2011.



panning in HK

Motorcycling in Hongkong

I’ve been riding motorcycle for 9 years now. Of course I had my share of spills and mishaps, good thing nothing serious though. I’ve been riding to many places like Atimonan, Baguio, Atok, Manaoag, Tagaytay and the latest and most gruelling, Pagudpud.

These are the three things I love doing again and again and again, and will keep on doing until who knows when. Thank God for all of this inspirations and passion in my life! 🙂

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