Cars in Hongkong

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What I like in Hongkong besides shopping (window shopping pala hehe) is their cool weather, cute chinita’s, street foods – and their CARS!
hk cars I

Its like you have walk-in inside this big motorshow where you’ll find lots of awesome and expensive autos.

Top of the line European, Japanese and Asian cars are affluent in the city. They are literally scattered all over. I even got surprise to see an Alfa Romeo parked in-between two big trucks! (yari to pag naatrasan hehe).

hk cars II

I think people here are not mesmerized at all when they see costly cars, its just like a normal means of transportation for them, but for me its all worth it haha!

You won’t believe me but I have shoot all the cars above in just a few hours while having a mini photowalk with my friend Rex. (You could just imagine,hindi pa kasali jan yung mga hindi ko na Kodakan hehe) Isn’t that amazing!

I know there are much more awesome cars in Macau! We also went there but unfortunately only stayed inside the Venetian.  Hope I could visit it again some other time. 😀

Of course since I’m a rider I’ve also shoot some of their motorcycles,  and I’m posting it next time.

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