Motorcycles in Hongkong

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As promise from my last post about cars in Hongkong, I’m now presenting you all the motorcycles that I’ve managed to shoot while I was there last October 2011. The first time I’ve set foot on the roads of this amazing country, I really thought that they don’t have motorcycle there because I can’t see one for the first few hours that I was photo walking.

scooterist in hk

Not until I saw these riding in tandem on board a nice maxi-scoot

panning in HK

then came another one on a Honda big bike breezing alone smoothly on the wide road

vespa delivery

a few minutes more, as I was crossing the pedestrian lane, I’ve captured a Vespa scooter utilized for deliveries., a cool shirt by the rider.

vespa in hongkong

then on my way to The Peak, I saw this parked Vespa near a dump, I wonder if its still working..

then a few Maxi’s at the market place

hk scooters

and lastly, a motorcycle parking lot. As you can see, they got all the goodies, big and small, European and Asian. How I wish I could bring home one 😛

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