PnSers Camera Club “In-Love” Photo Shoot

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The first ever photoshoot (with models) of PnSers Camera Club happened last February 18, 2012 at the Town and Country Executive Village in Antipolo. It was really a blast for the Indians! With the theme of “In-Love”, our models Ms. Asia Jane Alfonso, Ms. Mafe Bognot and one of our moderator (Sir Allen Mongado) portrayed as lovers, and gently evolves into a love triangle haha!

Most of us was a bit uneasy with what’s going on since this would be the first time we’ve done this, but through the help of other aficionado members that gave some lectures first before we do a hands-on, everything went well. I even tried experimenting using the Manual Mode of my Fuji S1800 but later switch to Portrait Mode since I’m having difficulty in controlling the exposures, and beside its much more user friendly for me. BOOM!

At the end of the day (or night for some of us hehe) everybody has a nice photo to share, and have a fruitful experience! Looks like we’ll be doing more of this activity in the coming days. 😀

Here are some of my shots that day…

Asia Jane Alfonso

mafe bognot

mafe bognot

Asia Jane Alfonso


More photos HERE!!!

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