Shooting the Moon

Posted by raredog in Geri Barcelona Photo... | 03.13.2012 - 10:43 am

Moon shots are kinda trending today in the photography world, as many camera enthusiasts are practicing shooting the full moon as it likely to appears very big and bright every now and then, and most photographers especially the newbies are arming themselves with the proper settings on their camera or else its a fail shot.


My suggestion for beginners is to use a tripod, set to low ISO 64 or 100,  use spot metering,  full “optical” zoom (don’t use the digital zoom) and pray that the clouds will not cover the moon.


here is my actual settings for this shot

FinePix S1800
Spot Metering

added a flying witch to my moon

blue moon and a witch

the final results with my moon and the flying witch

And for your moon shoot to be kinda extraordinary from the others, I suggest to be creative like what I did with my shot. Its an “E.T. inspired moon. I’ve colorized it blue and place a flying witch on a broomstick hehe.

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