I hate having flat tire

Posted by raredog in Bike, Motorbike and ... | 03.29.2012 - 8:09 pm

Sighhhhh! This would my very first flat tire with my scooter this year. And I hate it pretty much bcoz this time I have to walked my scooter nearly a kilometer before finding a vulcanizing shop. Good thing it wasn’t late at night or I’m on a secluded place.


I’m actually using a new IRC tube-type motorcycle tires on my front and rear tire. Although its still new, nothing can escapes this sharp laundry wire I’ve run into. I was thinking of replacing my tire with the tubeless type or just install a tire sealant gel inside the tube of my tires. I think I might go for the latter as its much more cheaper. I need it soon as I’m planning to do a road trip in the coming weeks.

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