Suzuki Nex 115 – The Nex Level Scooter

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Attended a Suzuki event launching last Saturday at Quezon Memorial Circle called – Suzuki Invasion, and that’s when I saw and feel  their newest and coolest scooter, the Nex115! I remember seeing it first on a tablet pc of my ride buddy just last week and already love its design.

According to Ma’am Odessa (Marketing Manager of Suzuki Phils.) It’s really the next level of scooter (the Suzuki Nex). She says that At 115cc, the Nex has been designed to be super economical and convenient. I was astonished when she burst out that it can do 66kms/liter on one of their controlled ride test at their Suzuki plant.

As a rider like me who loves touring around far places, nothing beats having a ride that’s economical and fuel efficient. Especially that gas prices today continously soaring way up high! Not only that, one of the rider’s agony when going to unknown and far places is to find a gas station to fill-up, so it’s most likely that I/we need one that we can depend on this kind of situation, where we can stretch much more kilometers for our fuel.

Suzuki Nex 115 Specification

She also reveals that the Suzuki Nex came up with new and brilliant technology. It is packed with the roller-type rocker arm—the first in ASEAN scooter, which enables the scooter to have a solid intake and exhaust of gasoline. Featuring a BS type carburetor with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) that helps to reduce fuel consumption as it prevents over supply of gasoline from the carburetor, newly designed CVT that are both lightweight and compact which also help fuel economy without lowering acceleration and performance and compact and lightweight Magneto that has smaller and lighter internal components—all of which also helps reduce fuel consumption.

And the price is also so tempting as the Suzuki NEX115 retails at a suggested retail price of only Php 60,900 and comes in Pearl Flash Green, Pearl Sakura Pink and Brilliant White color.

Suzuki’s newest ambassador, Ramon Bautista w/ Raredog

I wish Mr. Eiji Kobayashi – General Manager of Suzuki Philippines Inc (SPH), would sponsor an awesome “road trip” to let me review this scooter. 😀

Thanks to Sir Pao Goce for the invites!

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Wow, bilis ng post mo for the Suzuki Nex 115. Sana nga i-grant ka ni Mr. Kobayashi para sa isang road trip with review 🙂

Di ko pa nagagawa yung sa akin.

@dimaks – akala ko nga ako na lang walang post eh hehe. Uu sana nga i-grant ni Mr. Kobayashi!

thanks nga pala sa picture namin ni Ramon Bautista, nde ko pala nai-set yung camera ng tama kaya nag kulay blue kami 😀

Posted on September 4, 2012

Ask lnk ako sir kung saan kayo nkabili ng power mags pang nex?

@jayven – sir nde po akin yung nasa picture, display lang po yan nung event 😀

noel nunez
Posted on March 17, 2013

i got a nex 115 last june 2012, since, i am experiencing a TOK sound twice from the front shocks everytime i pass by a hump and during a sudden use of the front brakes. it seems to be during the compression and decompression of the shocks. is this normal? also the handle has a slight pull to the right.
Can this be corrected under warranty?

I think its a case of a worn out front wheel bearing. It happened to my bike also. One year warranty so I think its still covered.

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