The night we conquered Marilaque (Sierra Madre Mountains)

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The night we conquered Sierra Madre (Marilaque)
After being absent in group rides for more than two years. I could say that this is one memorable ride for me. It started only this friday, when my ride buddy Deo (padre damaso) called me and asked if I want to join a group ride, which he said rxbandits organized on a thread in MCP. I was hesistant to say yes kaagad, kase si Geely (my scooter) is not really in good condition for the past few days, it always went dead because of loose wiring in the CDI, plus I only have 2 ball guides instead of three (nde ko pa napapalitan yung isang nasira).

So I said, “When and where are we going to ride?” Then I was surprised with his reply. “WE’RE GOING TO RIDE TONITE!! at Marilaque (Sierra Madre). Whatttthaa!! “Are you insane?” Tonite at that place?  Well, after telling me about the thread  at MCP and going at my house that night with his friend Norman, I was positively sure that they really are serious about this ride.

So we went to Tropical Hut and waited for the group of rxbandits (DannyM4, Sting, and Eric). whew…when I saw them arrived with their ride, I whispered to Deo “Do we really have to go?” It’s because the group that arrived compose of big bikes and cruisers…waaaahhhhh. We will be left by those guys with their much faster bikes. But they told us not to worry, coz it will be a slow-paced run. Ok, we said, needless to say, we join the ride.

Now the ride… Why this ride will be memorable for me, because this will be the first time that I would do a night ride unprepared, and to very remote place.. Going up there was smooth, there was no traffic at all, because it’s already past 10pm. After We passed Cogeo, the wind got much colder, and street lights are getting rare. Darker and darker as we go uphill, zigzagging on the very nice curvaceous cemented road.

It’s kinda creepy out there, totally NO LIGHTS!!!, I told myself, in the cinema, just stay for five minutes and you could excellently view the whole place, but here is absolutely dark, even when we stopped for a cigarrete break, all I can see silhouettes of my ride buddies.

The best that I can see clearly when we’re riding was around 20 feet ahead of me. It’s like an arcade game.  Speed up at your own risk, unlike in the morning you get to know ahead if the road is turning left of right., but that night is totally different, totally awesome, and totally challenging I should say!!! Most of us that night experienced almost overshooting the curves, it’s really a rush feeling of adrenalin, I even laugh at my buddy Norman because he twice run on the other side of the lane because of the his speed , I was following him, so I slow down a bits,  coz i might overshoot  also hehehe.

At around midnite, we parked infront of Sierra Madre Resort/Motel which looks like an abandoned house that night. Telling stories, stargazing and smoking cigarette..Oh how nice if we bring along a thermos so that we all can have a nice cup of coffee.  After 30 minutes we decided  to go down and hit the road.

One of the highlights in this ride is when we meet along the way rxbandits brother (forgot his name) when we we’re descending. “Your the man!!!” Imagine riding all by himself on that creepy night. I guess he’s really excited to be with this ride, so he follows even he’s alone.  I salute you bro!!

Except for a minor electrical problem rxbandits had with his ride, we went down smoothly, the pacing is much more faster and intense, you canreally feel the arenalin rush pumping thru your veins!!! Whewwww…Awesomeeee… Unprecedented!!!

We arrived at Brickroad, STA. LUCIA at around 2am. I thank God as we congratulates ourselves for a very nice and safe ride we had. And looking forward for another insane ride ahead of us.

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