Geri Barcelona Fotografix S4 2012

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That morning while going to Governor’s Island, I was on the farthest part of the banca, very near the engine and the bangkero’s man friday. With nothing to see but water all around, I found the ropes to be an interesting subject, the bankeros use it to tie their banca on some posts when it docks. I’ve shoot it and included the feet of the boatman’s assistant for some melancholy effect.




You might ask why kites when you can’t find any single kites on the photo? Its because there really aren’t any kites at all, its because its all about the photographer. His handle is Kites. I find this photo interesting due to its high-key output when most of the succeding shots weren’t.


View from Governor’s Island

Hundred Islands HDR

An HDR treated photo of the view on top of Governor’s Island at Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. I’ve utilized the combination of 3 photo software with this output, and that is Photomatix, Photoshop and Photoscape. Isn’t that cute, they all began with the word photo, can’t they think of anything else. I’m worried if a pinoy programmer would name his software Phototdinuguan or Phototkutsinta haha!

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