You will always be remembered Mang Dolphy

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July 10, 2012- On my way home from a videographer insurance seminar, a friend texted me that King of Comedy, Mr. Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon passed away from Multiple Organ Failure at around 8:34PM. This is indeed a very sad occasion for multiple generations of the Filipino community who have loved and laughed at every movie and tv show starred by the beloved actor. I remember back when I was still in elementary school and simply watching his “Home Along da Riles” tv show served as a reward for having finished my school assignments. Even as of now, multitudes of fans are already flocking outside the Heritage Park hoping to get a last glimpse of their idol and the more is expected to come during the public viewing.


For the Filipino people, you will always be the King of Comedy, Mang Dolphy. May you rest in peace and bring joy to the angels and saints in heaven. You will always be remembered Mang Dolphy

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