Mining in Palawan

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Palawan, home of the Puerto Prinsesa Underground River which is one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Who would have ever thought that a place which is depicted as a place of grandeur and overflowing with richness in biodiversity actually have buried secrets right out of the ground.

Unknown to to many people except Palawenos, for years mining has been very prevalent in Palawan, much so that it already has irreversible effects on the farming industry. Not only has mining reduced that amount of rice harvested per hectare, it has also affected even the quality of the rice to the point of even turning every grain to a red color.


This issue caught even greater public attention with the death of a journalist and environmentalist, Dr. Gerry Ortega, who used his influence over media to express his advocacy to stop mining in Palawan altogether.


Mining companies can argue that they counteract the toxic effects of their activities by planting trees that can absorb the toxic chemicals. But this is just a temporary solution which has an even greater consequence in the long run. This trees containing poison can be eaten by animals which would then be fatal to them or passed on to their offspring. When these trees and animals die, the toxic substances have nowhere to go but back to the soil.


So please help in stopping the mining in Palawan. And tell those mining companies to take take their business and Delta machinery elsewhere. We don’t want them to destroy something that is uniquely ours.


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