Benefit of a Drinker

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raredog circa 92

Its the perk of being a drinker when inside a grocery.



Well I’m not saying that you should start drinking now, but I’m telling you this tip works 100%!  Particularly to those who needs to rush out of the grocery and evade the long cue at the cashiers booth.



It happened to me one evening. I was just buying a few personal needs (Colgate toothpaste, Safeguard soap, Tang strawberry, and Granny Goose tortillos.) And lastly a bottle of liquor. I actually intended to indulge spirits that night since its so damn cold and I already miss it for over a month haha!



I go straight at the liquor section and choose which one will I gulp that evening. There I found several people (around one dozen)already lined-up at the cashier’s booth. I then approached a salesclerk and asked her for the smallest Ginebra San Miguel bilog. Wearing a cute smile on her face, she climbed up a ladder and grabbed the bottle on top of the wine cabinet. She then asked for the other items I’m holding, and to my surprise (also those on the line) she brought all my items to the cashier for checkout. I didn’t know exactly what to do (if I’ll just wait beside the counter or fall in line like everybody else) until the cashier called me. I think that’s my cue to pay hehe.



And that’s it! I managed to pass all the people on the line because I’m the only drunkard among them haha!



Seriously, a shopper who bought a bottle of wine or spirits at the liquor section is prioritize by the cashier. 😀

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