Its the same as Ondoy!

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taken this afternoon in Fairview Quezon City / image courtesy of Obelle Quinan


This nameless habagat is the same as Ondoy!


As a veteran and a survivor of Ondoy I hereby confirmed that today’s scenario around the metro and nearby provinces is identical to what happened during Ondoy’s wrath!


Read my 13 chapters on my experienced and how I nearly lost my life during the time of Ondoy and how I compare it to what’s happening right now. Start reading here


Ingats po tayong lahat and let’s all pray that the rain stops the soonest possible time.

Dapat sa Habagat eh pangalanan na rin katulad ng bagyo eh! Hirap na hirap tuloy mga newscaster sa pagbabalita. Mahirap din itong gawan ng report, history, etc… kung walang name at ganito katindi maminsala! PAGASA di ba!


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Posted on August 8, 2012

The Philippines is my second home country.
I know for many there, life is a struggle normally.
When something like this comes along, it can be devastating.
I hope everyone will cope, & my deepest symathy goes out to those families who have lost someone.

@Kevin – thank you very much for your concern sir. We really are in a difficult situation right now. We hope to see the sun shining again.

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