and the rain continues to pour

Posted by raredog in Anonythor, ... | 08.08.2012 - 4:40 pm

Who would have ever thought that on Aug 7,2012, the Philippines would be hitting a disaster that would surpassed even the merciless Ondoy tragedy of the year 2009. As of the time of this writing more than 800,000 people from and around the Philippine Capital are still trying to survive the endless pouring rain caused by the Southwest Monsoon or Habagat. As rain water floods the streets and rushes into homes, people scramble to save as many appliances as they can. From refrigerators, washing machines, akai mpk49 to la Germania stoves, you’d be surprised at all the heavy stuff they can carry all by themselves up to the rooftop.

This is gonna be another record for the books and the worst is not yet over. It’s still raining as hard as it can get, flood water and rivers are overflowing, numbers of evacuees are rising. The Philippines need all the luck, prayers and help we can get.

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