spywarequake – my first encounter with spywares

My first encounter with a spyware/malware on my pc starts around 9:00 am. I was browsing the net for some software (shareware/freeware of course, hehehe). So I look everywhere, going to sites that I are new to me, where pop-up windows are very common, and ¬†also pornographic ads which divided my attention to what I am doing, lol. Then I downloaded the one I like, and unzip it on my harddisk. The problem starts when there are two executable files on the unzipped folder. I double-click both files thinking It was necessary to install the program. Well the first one really installs the program that I need and the second one installed some kind of a viewer for movie on the web. My first reaction was that I don’t need such program running on my pc, so I immediately uninstalled it, no problem, and restarted the pc. After that around 10:00am there is something popping-up on my notification area (systray) it goes like this.

“Your computer is infected!
Critical System Error!
System detected virus activities. They may cause critical system failure.
Please, use antimalware software to clean and protect your system from
parasite programs. Click here to get all available software.”

So got panicked and quickly press CTRL-ALT-DEL to check what are the processes running that time. I found three that seems to be new. (atmclk.exe, dcomcfg.exe and regperf.exe) I tried end process to all of them, but all of them are stubborn and keep on running. Then I search for all files created that day, and found out that my guess is right, all of them are visitors on my pc. Go to safe mode booting and deleted all of them. Yeah, piece a cake, I told myself, then go for a normal boot. Yeah,you guess it right, I still have the pop-up. At first,I said ok whattaheck, but after about 2 more hours infront of my pc, I started to get annoyed.

The pop-up is doing their job well. Chat with my net buddies and ask for suggestions on how to eliminate/destroy this thing. And what they suggest is download this, install this, etc..etc.., which I does. I tried “XCLEANER” great software in getting rid of spyware and malaware. But it still does not rid of the pop-up. I even search for manual removal, and found out the procedure is not that simple.

Patience… patience…..hey it’s 12pm, I’d better have lunch and take a nap. 1pm Ahhh a nice refreshing nap, go browsing again, in search for a remedy for this annoying malaware. And yesssss finally I found a site”http://siri.geekstogo.com/SmitfraudFix.php” which is already tested by other infected users to be really effective. Downloaded it quickly, unzip the files, and execute it in safe-mode., reboot and TADA!!!! Yes, I finally get rid of that shit pop-up with just two clicks, hehehe. Thank to S!Ri who made SmitfraudFix. It’s one helluvah nice program you’ve done sir! 3PM and it’s gone!!!

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  1. I just recently had some problems with SpywareQuake myself, after doing some research and finding a few good sources I was able to remove the bug. I used the following sources: Anti-Spyware-101 and Symantec and removed the bugs without a problem. If anyone is still having problems with this I would recommend checking out those links.

    It was not too hard to remove manually so if anyone has any questions please leave a response and I will try to help you if none of the links here were able get the job done.

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