Desktop as Lightbox – Geri Barcelona Fotografix S6 2012

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This DIY “Desktop as Lightbox” idea popped up to my mind because of a photo challenge at PnSers which has a technical theme of “high-key photography“.

High key is showing bright tones or simply refers to predominantly light/bright/ or white exposures, most output are almost 90% entirely bright and with only a few features of the subject in detail.


With this kind of setup, you need

a desktop computer with at least 17inch LCD/LED monitor

4 long bond papers

a camera with a built-in flash


The whole process is so simple.

Hide your desktop icons

Choose “None” on your background and set color to “white”.

Then place the bond papers right in front of the monitor.

That’s it! You now have an instant lightbox using your desktop and your monitor as your white backdrop.

As you can see there’s no extra lighting as I’ve only used the built-in flash of my camera. This lightbox photography is so handy and advantageous for online sellers if you want to advertise or sell small products. Just place additional lighting fixtures to eliminate unwanted shadows.

Some of my outputs 😀
indian cup


goin nuts


F-stop f/4.4

Exposure Time – 1/20 sec

ISO – 800

Focal – 15mm

Metering – Spot

White Balance – Auto


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