Geri Barcelona Fotografix S8 2012

Posted by raredog in Geri Barcelona Photo... | 09.15.2012 - 12:03 am

This photo set consists of three newly built house but looks already aged because of non-occupancy. I have captured it in black and white to make it more dramatic and also make it in three exposures to post-processed it as HDR photos.

House for Sale #1

House for Sale #2

House for Sale #3

The houses looks kinda wasteed and errie because its already deteriorating and the surroundings particularly the bushes is almost everywhere. It looks like you can have the best wood puzzles from its parts because of its looks. Somehow I felt bad about it since I don’t own a house and yet here’s a house that’s in the state of decomposition and no one owns it. Shucks! 🙁

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