Breakfast at Yamaha Marikina

raredog at Yamaha MarikinaCan you eat breakfast, browse online, and change oil your scooter all at the same time? Well as a matter of fact I did. I brought Miah (my mio scooter) to Yamaha 3S Marikina last saturday for her very first scheduled change oil.

Tagging my laptop that morning on the way to the shop. Im anticipating that they would offer me a cup of coffee, so I manage to bought some spanish bread along the way, haha. I wasn’t actually the one who will do the change oil thing but Melvin, one of their motorcycle mechanics.

It was on my full view (separated by a wall glass from the service bay) while Im inside the aircon showroom browsing my favorite forum (MCP Forum of course) and having my bread and coffee. Next time I’ll bring some of my partner dessert recipes to match their coffee. BTW check-out how they pamper Miah. They even place an electric fan infront of her. hehe

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