Piece of cake

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I’m thinking if I should post this story or not, told myself, what the heck… we’ll here it goes. I was assigned to be a canteener for one day at our office canteen!!! It’s not that big naman, around 40-50 persons can accomodate the place. Yeah, this would be another great adventure (I think so, lol) So I begin the day armed with a (bullet-proff) checkered apron With a co-employee who act as the cashier, while I do the busboy stuffs (dishwashing not included ha, bcoz we have one and one cook also). My work includes cleaning the tables, bringing the used glass and plates to the dishwasher, scooping rice to client’s plate, giving free tinola broths (haging na nga maubos yung sabaw kakahingi) and the task that made me insane….the slicing of the bibingka – sapinsapin (ricecake) in two boxes. I have to divide it to 40 equal pieces, it’s very sticky to the knife that i’m having real difficult time slicing it nice and clean. My partner laughed all the time that I have an abstract sliced of the bibingka. Until one oldies gave me some tips. She told me to cloth the knife with plastic cellophane so that it would be much easier/smoother to slice. And by that tip, I sliced the remaining bibingka smoothly. I exclaimed to myself “PIECE OF CAKE!” literally… hehehe 😀

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