Snake makes an opening salvo

Posted by raredog in Bike, Motorbike and ... | 01.02.2013 - 10:33 pm

The snake makes an opening salvo to me for Year 2013 as it appeared before me this morning in the form of a wasted Yamaha Mio scooter v-belt haha!

take a closer look, it even looks like it has a tongue haha!

 It really was included on my hectic schedule last month to be replaced (the v-belt) but due to numerous gigs and happenings I forgot all about it until it snapped while cruising on my first day of work for the new year. The accelerator just went pffft as I was getting some neck to neck speed over a Honda CB110, good thing I wasn’t on a two-way lane and overtaking any vehicles when it happened or else its a disaster alright!

Lucky for me that I’ve catched-up with my friend Eric who’s about to go to his office and towed me to the nearest Yamaha 3S Shop. Notice also how I made this shot, I bravely pulled-out my phone and shoot this one-handedly haha! Luv the adrenalin!

The mechanic was able to finish the replacement in less than an hour. Thanks Kuya, but I am still late for work haha!   

I can see the head of the snake making it out of the side block of my scooter haha!

the snake or my v-belt, tangled and wasted

So to all scooter owners like me, be sure to periodically check your v-belt so you won’t be experiencing this scenario. Its a waste of time and dangerous at the same time. 😀


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