Geri Barcelona Fotografix S1 2013

Posted by raredog in Geri Barcelona Photo... | 01.14.2013 - 5:01 pm

Happy New Year! Its the year of the Water Snake and I’m hoping to capture one this year. Capture in photos ha hindi yung huhulihin ko hehe.

I must admit it, I hadn’t had much of a shooting spree with Fudgee (my Fuji S1800 camera) during the past holiday season (Christmas and New Year). I did use it for personal purpose only (family gatherings and events) no artistic pictures though hehe. Nalibang kase ako sa kakakain at kakainom with all those parties I’ve attended haha! So instead of remarkable shots from my camera, I made lots of shots from a shot glass lol.

But I didn’t stop there, just like the famous quote of Chase Jarvis “the best camera is the one that’s with you” that’s why I shoot once in a while with my old mobile phone, the one that I carry all the time. It’s a Samsung Wave 525 (S5250), equipped with a 3.2 Megapixels camera and some nasty settings like timer, white balance, exposure, scene mode (landscape, night, sports, party/indoor, beach/snow, sunset, dawn, color of fall, fireworks, candlelight and against the light) and a some basic editing tool which came in handy for me.

So here are some of my shots…

river Bukang Liwayway

atv The Past and the Future

go nuts Go Nuts

ricefield Ricefield

call waiting Call Waiting

Until next time 😀

p.s. next time it will be vivid 😛

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