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Dispose a motherboard?
Nahhh! WASH THE MOTHERBOARD!!! Yeah you read it right! Wash it with soap and water!

This is what a cool dude does to his dead motherboard after having lots of hopeless opinions from some technicians that his motherboard is already broken, dead and beyond repair.

He got himself a JOY dishwashing soap, a toothbrush, and together with his motherboard he goes to their sink and starts to bathe and scrub the broken, dead motherboard with soap and water.

After that he hangs it for two days to dry, and then he also blow-dries it to ensure that all parts of the clean motherboard are dry. Put it back to his computer casing, attached all the cables back, power it on and VOILA!!! THE MOTHERBOARD WORKS!!!

note: it only works on dirty mobos, water-cleaning is technically contact cleaning… mobos with defective chipsets, bloated caps, scratched surfaces and major physical defects cannot be remedied by this procedure…



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Posted on August 25, 2006

wow, sayang hindi ko na try sa mobo ko, nasa friend ko yung sirang mobo ko. ^^

parang alangan akong gawin to pero since it worked, maybe, I will do it when time calls 🙂

Posted on April 28, 2009

as in pwde ba tlga yan? baka nman lokohan lng yan?

@type02 – not 100% recommendable, but you can do it as your last resort

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Posted on April 30, 2009

ok to ah… di kaya kalawanging un ibang parts?

@jade – hindi naman po dahil papatuyuin din naman po agad

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Val Cyril Gayomale
Posted on June 22, 2009

YES ITS 100% true i tried it and it works i got it working for almost 6 moths already

yeah… this approach will work but be sure to use hot air (with normal heat) and blower to complete the process!

Ayos to ahh…
so what are the possible issues can be fixed by washing it?

I have a motherboard that don’t make any beeping at all to tell if its ok or not… I am positive that board is the culprit…

so should I wash my board?
thanks 🙂

@XP Drivers – actually there’s no guarantee, its like a last option for the motherboard, in case you’ve tried other procedure and still nothing happened.

Posted on April 27, 2010

Before you use liquid soap on your board,,,you can try denatured alcohol its much much safer, and for drying you leave it for a day, or use a air blower….

or. your can get a post card (PCI) for no beeps to tell you the error code of your board..

Posted on November 4, 2011

yea its 100% tested for me ha i tried it many times pero syempre not all worked, this is my last option for a dead mobo.. kahit iwanan mo lang sya for 1 week para talgang tuyong tuyo o tapatan mo ng electric fan hehehe

Posted on June 11, 2012

100% last option… pero i tried it and it works 100%…

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