Geri Barcelona Fotografix S2 2013

An HDR self-portrait promoting Pinoy Drift Trikes body bag. Shot by my colleague Zenkx  – HTC Vivid

pinoy drift trikes at shotgun road in san mateo

An HDR shot of Tricia (my drift trike) at Shotgun Road in San Mateo, Rizal. By the way, the clouds are artificial only 😀  – Fuji S1800

toothbrush lovers

The scene: A woman caught his boyfriend kissing another girl! Only the characters are not human but toothbrush 😀 – HTC Vivid


Nice ambiance, cool wind and this yummy dish served hot at Bikers Cafe in San Mateo, Rizal – HTC Vivid

wawa pnsers 2013

With my colleagues at PnSers Camera Club during a photowalk at Wawa Dam in Rodriguez, Rizal

ET Pinoy style

You can relate to this photo if you have watched E.T. – HTC Vivid


I really wanted to change the title of this HDR photo to “Touchscreen” , but Tindera fits well too. – HTC Vivid


Also  HDR, a boatman rest on a hammock on the side of his Jollibee sponsored boat (I think so hehe) Fuji S1800

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