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Nuga Best is really a great medical breakthrough! Tried it a couple of times already and I can say that it really works for me. The very first time I’ve used it, it removes the pains on my aching back, heels, and solved my constipation problem.

It practically is an all-cure device that removes cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure, relieves pain, weight loss, increases detoxification, remotes relaxation, boost immune system, increases energy and endurance. Reduces stress and fatigue, improves joint stiffness, removes cellulites and cleanses skin, reduces swelling and inflammation, helps treat heart problem, blocked arteries, constipation, diabetes, cataract, glaucoma, UTI and prostate, arthritis, paralysis and hosts of other diseases.

It uses the gemstone JADE for healing and to generate far infrared rays (FIR) the natural way which is known to activate, revitalize, develop, and strengthen various organs in the body and at the same time boosts the body’s defenses against toxins.

The JADE massage caps will target the right areas on your back and loosen all the tight muscles. At the same time, the soothing warmth of the JADE massage will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Using NUGA Bed everyday, you will feel healthier, fresher and more alive than ever before!

Best of all it’s free, just go to their branch in Marikina City, along Gil Fernando Avenue (besides Shell Gas Station), they have nice and friendly receptionist to assist you. All you have to bring is one blanket, a pair of socks, and a handkerchief. Always remember HEALTH IS WEALTH.


Hi ngayon ko lang ito nalaman through a friend from Bulacan. Pero bakit ang layo dito amin wala bang medyo malapit kasi bakit wala man lang Pasay or Manila lang, at least malapit ng kunti gusto kong subukan. Thanks sa magrireply sana may malapit.

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