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Yes it’s really FREE. Not just 1 but 10! Ten (BRAND NEW) desktop computers and computer peripherals to each of the 1,100 public high school beneficiaries throughout the country (Philippines), which remain to have no access to computer education. (more story here…)

Electricity is one of the basic requirement for a school to be a beneficiary of this donation from the Government of Japan. It means even if the school is on top of the mountain or on an island as long as there’s electricity.

I was one of the fortunate persons to be involved in this humongous project. We were sent to inspect the computers, see to if it have the right specs, and if it’s functioning well.

And yes! we were assigned to go to Tuna-Balibago National High School. (A school in Talim Island, Cardona, Rizal) Whoaaa!!! I hate big bodies of water!!! Wahhhh!!!

We board a 20 footer motorboat at Pritil,Binangonan,Rizal. Glad that it was a sunny weather that day. The boat by the way also served as an ambulance for the island community. We were cruising much faster than other boats, and the lake is not that wavy except for the portion where they called Navotas yikesss!! were in between two big mountains, the water is much rougher and deeper there.

After more than an hour of travel, seeing different sizes of fishpens, we finally reached our destination. The quiet and clean community of Balibago, we then walk towards the school, we seldom see townfolks roaming around except for some carpenters working nearby.

We are happily welcome by the Principal, teachers and some students. They’re eager to see the PC running and are excited to have their “hands-on” the units. After eating a delicious snack they served to us. We start assembling the units, checking, and putting stickers to each PC.

After lunch, all the PC’s were up and running.You could see the teachers delight in testing the computers. They will also be trained in using it and also some basic
troubleshooting. We share them some tips. Do some signing on the papers. And after that we bid them goodbye. Hoping that this technology will bring development and prosperity to each and every one at Tuna-Balibago National High School.

All the PC’s have Pre-Installed Softwares:
Fedora Core OS (hope the kids are ready for these…also the teachers 😀 )
Open Office Ver.2,
AVG 7 Anti-Virus
Wikipedia/Britannica Encyclopedias

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Posted on September 4, 2006

this is great, i mean free computers, yea!

one more thing .. this makes greater than great..

Fedora Core OS (hope the kids are ready for these…also the teachers 😀 )[/quote]

go linux!

Posted on September 5, 2006

sana hindi nila i reformat at lagyan ng windoze =)

Posted on September 5, 2006

one year or two, we will be having a new bread of linux geeks.


Posted on February 2, 2007

I was from that town of Balibago. I’m here in Saudi and work in a computer company. I will be there soon. Thanks for your support…

By the way, Is there a CD ROM included? Is there a linux OS CD in the package just in case they ask for my help and reinstall the OS. Does it have a warranty?

thanks again!

There is only one cdrom drive, it’s on the server. Yup I think one Fedora Linux installer and 1 year warranty. Thanks also for dropping by at my site. 😀

Posted on January 21, 2009

Hello to Raredog Chronicle and the Im Jessica Estrella Sumilang and all my friends and relatives in Balibago call me “ecs”. I finished my primary and secondary schools at Tuna-Balibago Elem & Tuna-Balibago National High School. Obviously, im very grateful and thankful with the Japanese Gov’t for such a grant. Im also thankful for all of u guys who went to our humble barrio just to bring those gadgets and more than that, thank u for ur nice comments. Indeed, we have a nice and peaceful barrio, no comparison! So to my fellow Balibagonian, keep it up and Im proud to be one!!! hehe. GOODLUCK TO ALL THE STUDENTS & God Bless u All.

Thanks too you also Ecs. Goodluck to your ventures in life.

geri a.k.a. raredog’s last blog post..Inspiring Gel

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