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What’s common with today’s malady and technology? They’ve always come up with new acronyms. Just like HMDI or High Definitiion Multimedia Interface. From the family of connectors (usb, firewire, DVI, etc..) HDMI will soon be a common feature in connecting the latest electronic gears and gadgets.

Regarding with sickness. This is quite new to me also. The CCHS or Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome. Its the failure of one’s brain to signal the body to breathe normally.

I happen to know about CCHS thru the website of Hannah Ysabelle –  Visit her site to know more about it. And from there, you could help the child by buying rosaries from its mini-store. Its a project to fund their dream of buying Hannah her own portable ventilator to help her in moving around places.

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