Unfair Practice of Mark Joseph Tajo Solis

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Mark Joseph Solis (right) poses with Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga with the controversial photo “Neptune, King of the Sea” own by Gregory John Smith. Photo Courtesy of GMA News Online

Being an online sensation or trending online is great ! It opens a lot of opportunity for a person/group to be a star because of their skills or talents they’ve showed to the world!

But what if it’s the other way around? You’ll definitely be in trouble and humiliated like what this 22 year old man Mark Joseph Tajo Solis, (a scholar of UP, a prolific academic writer with a very bright career) have achieved.  He recently joined a Photo-Essay Contest hosted by Chilean Embassy with the theme “Smiles of the World.” And it won first place, that made him $1,000 richer together with a free trip to Brazil and Chile.

There’s nothing wrong in joining the contest but when you submit an entry photo that’s not yours it’s a big NO! It’s an unfair practice to the contest itself, to the other participants and mostly to the rightful owner (. It affects everybody!

As a photography enthusiast myself, I have entered numerous contest local and international, with or without prizes, I have won some and lose some and I enjoy it and learned from it at the same time. Joining means you have to respect the result wholeheartedly. If you lose then better luck next time, but if you win then by all means you have 100% bragging rights without bothering your conscience since you know that YOU are the real owner of that photo.

That’s why some photo contest nowadays are held On-The-Spot on the same day with all the provision of not having any discrepancies on submitting a photo that is not yours.

I also notice that the contest made by the Chilean Embassy which is a photo-essay contest is also a big NO to photographers because it simply means judging two different skills, photography and writing, because not all photographers have good writing skills and vice versa.

Sana lang hindi magkaroon ng domino effect ito sa mga lehitimong pinoy photographers na gusto ring sumali sa mga ganitong klaseng mga pa-contest in the future. 😀


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