Drip Drip din pag me time

Posted by raredog in Bidyoko Prodaksyon, ... | 09.27.2013 - 10:38 am

Time flies!

I can’t imagine it’s been 4 months na pala since I’ve done trike drifting! Sobrang na-miss ko sya! Kya drip drip din pag me time haha!

I guess I have to insert it to my busy sked. And that’s what happened last Tuesday when I filed a leave of absence to take my mom to a clinic for her much needed eye operation, and since it would take her almost half day, I sneaked and go all the way to San Mateo, Timberland for a short session with my Pinoy Drift Trikes crew, and together for the first time with my hijo Dek Brian. I’ve lured him into this sport and he likes it very much! In fact he can already nailed a triple 360 with ease! 😀

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