Biker Jacket

Posted by raredog in Wishlist, ... | 10.23.2008 - 9:33 pm

courtesy of www.british-customs.comNext thing on my list to buy for myself this christmas if budget permits, is a biker jacket. Color black is somehow linked with bikers, that’s why its no wonder a lot of them wears black (tees, jackets, pants, briefs?) As for me I really like black too! So I would be buying the jacket in the picture or something that look just like that hehe.

I have a slight problem though. And that’s my size! XL is a bit sloppy, while Large fits just right. Except for the tummy area where I can’t hide my bulky stomach. It’s either I have to do a hundred sit-ups or some diet pills will do the trick hehe. 😀

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