Tambay Day sa Banawe

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starts at 1:30pm and ends at 7:30pm

Last Saturday was a Holiday, Its Bonifacio Day and literally a tambay day for me at Banawe. ­čśÇ

Good thing shops along Banawe in Quezon City were open for business. I guess they knew that car owners would definitely visit their place to buy parts or simply for repair because of the holiday.

I go for the latter part,  as the squeaky noise underneath Cjay (my van) is beginning to annoy me in the past few weeks. So since I just recently got my xmas bonus, I found myself haggling with the price of parts and labor on some shops. Until I found an underchassis specialist shop along BMA street, owned by a cartain Kuya Marlon.

He immediately checked Cjay for the problem and made a quotation. Since it was already past noon, and the price is reasonable, I made a go signal to start working on Cjay.

Cjay’s suspension problem was not an easy task for them as Kuya Marlon says it would take┬átime (tanggal-kabit). I believe him because it took him and his boys 6 hours (from 1:30pm to 7:30pm) to finish the┬ájob. I could have enjoy familiarizing a korg kaossilator pro for that long haha.

I’m sure his shop is well-known to be good as client after client went to his shop for┬árepair while I was sitting there on a bench. He got lots of helper to accommodate all of the┬ácustomers.

I went home satisfied with the suspension’s work by Kuya Marlon but I’ll be back for sure,┬ámy stabilizer bushing also needs to be replace, next time I’ll brought somebody to accompany me ­čśŤ

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