Atimonan Quezon Ride

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Once again I’ve put a halt on my online life for two days to give way for some nature trippin joy ride (with DMC) to the scenic Atimonan, Quezon. At 382 kilometers readout on my odometer (back and forth, including our side trip to Famy, Laguna),  this is by far my longest ride ever of my “scooter” life, and one of the best as of this date.

Coming from our starting point at the Municipal Hall in Binangonan, Rizal at around 5am, the actual plan was to reach Atimonan in about 4 to 5 hours or before noontime. Instead we consumed 8 hours of butt-torturing-journey on the road because of a downpour in Mabitac and another right after Quezon National Forest Park, and also a flat tire at Luisiana, Laguna. Nevertheless we are all happy when we arrived safe and sound at our destination at around 2pm. I’ve just observed, with all the twisties and wet roads we have encountered along our ride, the IRC stock tire of my Mio Sporty was doing great compared to some myth that it was kinda slippery.

We were not able to take a dip into the inviting beach of Atimonan because it’s already high-tide and we were all tired and low-batt haha. We just ate an early dinner and then position ourselves near the beach for some thirst quenching session hehe.

Ready to hit the road the next day at around 9am. Surprisingly, a sudden change on our itenirary as my riding buddy Jeff suggest that we go to his grandpa’s turf somewhere in Famy, Laguna where we can bathe at a nearby rapids while enjoying some shots of the local lambanog. Jeff says Its a perfect combination to the cold and chilly water of the river! In case you still wanna see your family, you must have a good grip like an industrial clamps on some stones underwater in order not to be carried by the strong current haha”.

Budget 1000 pesos
gas mileage – 42 kms/liter
gas consumed – 9 liters unleaded – around P450
foods, chicheria, pasalubong, atbp. – P450
with P100 left in my wallet after the whole ride. 😀

Wanna see more pics of our ride? CLICK HERE!  Note: Tested to work in IE browser only.

Watch our video on youtube HERE!

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