Welcoming 2014 Year of the Wooden Horse in Manila Chinatown

I was at the right place at the right time yesterday in Chinatown, Manila. Celebrating with other pinoys and tsinoys the Chinese New Year or welcoming 2014 the year of the wooden horse!

Its really an unplanned visit, since I’m free coz its a national holiday, I decided to buy a pair of pneumatic wheel for Sean Kirk’s drift trike in Binondo. He’s been asking me to fix his trike since December pa haha. Although I’m taking chances since its a holiday maybe shops and stores will be closed. specially if you’re looking to find a kaossilator pro at guitar center then that will be tough.

Good thing the same suki wheel store is open. I greeted the owner “Kung hei Fat Choi” and he greets back and smile. Of course the same haggling occurs and now he gave a bonus of one box of tikoy for me yeah! 😀

That’s it, ready to go home na, I got my wheels tapos me tikoy pa!

When it popped to my mind that I also need a a big pair of nuts and bolts for the wheel. So I scoured the place. The street where I was is kinda sleepy pa, maybe mga puyats sila from last night celebration. Then after a while I started seeing lots of people coming from everywhere. I have reached Ongpin street na pala. Paingay na rin ng paingay. There are lots of tinderos and tinderas selling lucky charms, fruits, moon cake, tikoys, hopia (bad trip I forgot to buy hopia wahhh) and other stuff. Tapos nagkalat as in sobrang dami ng photographers,masaya kase mag-shoot andaming subects plus the whole place is very colorful, sayang naisama ko sana yung PnSers camera club ko hehe, tv reporters from different networks din meron. A number of men performing dragon dance are also everywhere banging their drums loud tapos sandamakmak then yung paputok. Imagine they laid down two sawa’s (a thousand firecrackers each) na nasa tabi ko lang but I can’t go anywhere to cover just in case me tumalsik kase siksikan yung tao, all I can do is shoot video on one hand while my other hand is either covering my nose or ears from the smoke and the noise for more than 3 minutes haha! (Check out the video)

The mood is really really very festive and enjoyful! Ang saya pala dito grabeh!!! Shop owners on the second floor throws goodies like t-shirt, bags, candies and angpao. Buti na lang walang delata kase masakit na yun pag tumama haha! Wala akong nasalo kahit isang candy haha! Ok lang I enjoyed every second of it 😆

Imagine, at my age now ko lang naisipang pumunta dito hehe. I’m sure I’ll come back again next time!

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