Tricia Resurrected

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Out of misery and loneliness brought by the recent loss of my drift trike Tricia. I got inspired during my free time to build a mini-replica of Tricia from some materials I’ve accumulated for the past months from different sources. 😀


The roller wheels that served as the PVC is from a portable plastic bin with wheels underneath, the front magwheel came from a toy motorcycle, the fork from a bottle holder of a bicycle, and lastly, the metal tubings that served as the main frame, the axle and the handle bar, that came from a defective fuel pump assembly, kinda cool isn’t it! 😆


This replica does not come cheap though, coz I shell out almost 500 bucks for some nuts and bolts and for the tig weld service to put things together. Good thing there’s some leftover spray paint from the one I’ve used with Tricia. Just enough to cover Tricia Jr. for at least 80% haha!


Although its 100% finished, I still want some improvement on the seat and fork, its a bit uncool hehe. For the meantime, I just want to play with it, flaunt it, brag about it, or simply bring it anywhere for some photo-ops! :mrgreen:

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Posted on February 18, 2014

ahahhaha. nice. very nice indeed.

ayos ba hehe! 😀

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