Sizzling Mountain Snails Anyone?

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Sizzling Mountain Snails

My co-riders at Viajista have a sort of ala Fear Factor treat to ourselves yesterday as we feast on exotic gourmet during lunch at a popular restaurant at the mountainous peak of Infanta, Quezon.

One of the dish we ordered was the Sizzling Mountain Snails, who I first thought was just like a golden kuhol found in fishponds and stream. Of course at first its kinda scary to try it but after eating other exotic dishes served ahead, mejo relaxed na din hehe. It’s tasty but a bit tough to chew, almost similar to a sisig (I still preferred a pig sisig). We were surprised when our host brought us outside the restaurant and point at the decor on the ground. “That’s the shell of the snails” she said while smirking. The shell is so BIGGGG that it fits our palm. By the way, it really is a wonderful decor for the house or maybe an excellent guitar decals too! As you can see on the photo, one of us post for a souvenir shot in front of the restaurant. The shells on the ground.


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