Kapitol YO!!! Revisited

Posted by raredog in Bidyoko Prodaksyon, ... | 06.17.2014 - 10:51 am

What a humid day last Friday the 13th and my idea to chill the night was to go night drifting. Me and Sean Kirk revisited Kapitol Yo!!! in Pasig to spend some Pre-Father’s day drifting and bonding. We used to drift here about a year ago. You can find our videos Pasig Scandal One, Two and Three on youtube and this would be our fourth haha! That night was also memorable coz we invented a drift trike trick! A two-wheel ride with you standing at the back with your left foot hanging on the side and your right foot on the axle, which we called “The Pinoy Side Dish” haha! It’s quite easy and we both have fun doing it! We had a blast that night together with some short and long boarders we’ve met and share the street, that we almost reached 3 AM before we finally consider going home 😀

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