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Hello guys. We’ll i’ve been lazy updating websaytko.com for the past weeks. I have posted only four since September, until now. Last September 16 I had a nice and quick ride again to MARILAQUE with some of my officemates, a friend and my honey. Been also busy with my work in the office, at the house fixing my other ride Kim (Kymco) and also got devastated by the not-so-minor accident i’ve met last October 1.

Yeah, I collided with a car in an intersection somewhere in Marikina. It was the car’s (driver) fault coz he swerved to my lane., got some bruises and my left hand was really swollen, fortunately there was no broken bone only fractured chip. It lasted two weeks until I can use it again normally. After that, spent some time repairing Geely, have my fork re-aligned at my friends machine shop, except for some cracks and scratches on it’s plastic body, Geely is running perfectly alright now, and also Kim.

Having fun also with Photoshop doing some photo manipulation(out of bounds effect), downloading MP3’s, movies, warez, etc…by the way in case you don’t know, I’ve just recently upgraded from a boring dial-up to a roaring broadband connection 😀 I can now feel the rush on my fingers typing URL’s, sometimes I can no longer think where site to go, hehehe. I have also signed-up with youtube.com and skype, raredog79 is my account there.

I have downloaded youtube plugins for wordpress, so maybe in my coming posts you will see some streaming movies of mine and my favorites. C’yah

My latest shot with Sean Kirk 😀

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