Two Drops a Day

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It’s not a dosage for a baby medicine lol!

I was literally talking about my gnarliest and awesomest moment on trike drifting!

Together with the Pinoy Drift Trike’s, we were able to drift on two drop zone in one day! First in Olongapo and the second was in Mariveles, Bataan.

T’was actually a not-so-planned despedida ride for Onin (PDT Crew), sadly some of our posse wasn’t able to come with us, yet we still push-through with the ride that even the continuous drizzle won’t stop us from travelling that night to Gapo!

Its near midnight when we reached SBMA, the place for the meetup. We were then treated for a short welcome party at the heart of the city by our host and fellow triker Rommel of PhatBuddha Trikes.

The asphalt to where we at was so smooth that we can’t resist trying it out to the amazement of the locals haha!

OMG! We almost forgot that we supposed to sleep early for our big drop the next day, and yet It’s almost 5am when we finally bid goodnight haha! We woke up after a couple of hours of sleep haha! Not enough rest but we were blessed for a sunny weather in the morning, and that’s enough motivation for us.

Apparently, the Olongapo drift was unplanned, only the Bataan. But Rommel surprised us by saying he already discussed the drop with the local authorities in the area, and they would gladly assist and support us during our gravity activity in their area.

We were stoked by the so called Outlaw Hill! Its roughly a kilometer of 4-lane, zigzagging, smooth asphalt road! Just perfect for all G-Sport fanatics! Its so darn smooth that doing drift tricks was a breeze! We could spend the whole day here, but because we still wanna drop at Bataan, we settled for a 4-drop on the nasty Outlaw Hill of Olongapo.  To be exact, the whole drift thing happened at National hi-way, Brgy. Cabalan Olongapo City, from Kalapati statue down to the bridge. Escorted and assisted by Brgy. Capt. Raffy Lim and 20 awesome tanods! According to Rommel, disiplinado naman kaming mga riders kaya sana makaulit ulit. This is just a test run hopefully we can come up with an official or why not an international event.

Thank you mga sirs!

We’re a bit late with our itinerary when we reached Mariveles, Bataan. Onin was supposed to be at their house for his despedida party before 6pm and yet we’re still fixing our gears for our drop at around 5pm haha! Together with our fellow triker Hendrix of Bataan Drift Trikes, we wasted no time and made 2 drops before we call it a day and headed supposedly home, but unfortunately, our crew Mark forgot his wallet at Rommel’s crib in Olongapo haha! Jerk!

Thank God we reached Manila around 10pm with no scratches! Until our next drift, Ciao!

Here’s a short video of our Olongapo Drift

For more of our photos, just visit us at our FB Page – Pinoy Drift Trikes

By the way, please watch our segment this coming November 12 on GMA I-Juander together with Bogart the Explorer, as we drift in Sampaloc, Tanay

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