Trike Axle Upgraded

Posted by raredog in Bike, Motorbike and ... | 07.05.2016 - 3:43 pm

My trike axle was recently repaired and upgraded by my trike creator friend. I could imagine if I also have mandolin musicians friend maybe they can help me too in learning to play with it haha! Anyway, going back to my trike axle, its now tougher and stronger. Before both wheels roll at the same time because they’re connected to just one straight bolt in the middle, and slightly welded to the round metal with three holes for the gokart wheel nut to lock-in. Unfortunately, the weld snaps after I made a short test drift on my trike. Its not properly welded, maybe the welder thinks the trike are for kids only by the way it looks haha!

After the upgrade, both wheels now rolls individually which for me is much better plus he embed a solid round shafting with bearings inside the pipe on both ends on which he embeds a steel rod with thread on the center of it for the wheel to be locked with a nut.

Can’t wait to test my trike again using this awesome axle made by my friend. 😀

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