Sissy Bar for Rusty

Got my latest accessories for my bike Rusty last week. Its called a Sissy bar, built mainly for the backrider para me masandalan. I told the welder to use stainless steel and make it long. Why? Because I’ve got this idea during our last ride na walang malagyan ng extra bag namin ng kaangkas ko, I had to plea to one of the single riders to gave my bag a lift haha! Kaya eto naging design ko, its long para pwedeng itali yung bag sa sissy bar while it sits on my Givi Box, good thing the builder easily understands it and just continue building it, tapos mura pa sumingil, I told myself, its a great deal here! I will surely come back here pag me new and crazy ideas na naman ako na ipagagawa ko.

Dinagdagan ko pa ng big rope for that rat look and para comfy din sa sasandal dito, and since wala pa kami long ride after I’ve got the sissy bar, I’ve already proven it’s worthyness during pamamalengke at yung me extra akong dala na naka plastic o extra bag, tinatali ko na lang sya dun, lagayan ng helmet pede rin hehe.

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