GiVi Box E26N Micro

givi box E26NEver since I’ve placed a Givi Box (E26N MICRO) on my Yamaha Mio Sporty. Its always been the start of a good conversation with fellow riders who have seen it.  And I always entertained their queries with a smile.

Having problem with the small compartment under the seat of my Mio Sporty before a long ride, the Givi box was there to let me squeeze-in all my personal effects and everything, safe and sound. Why? Because its waterproof and has a lock.

And even on my daily ride to work. The box has an ample space for my bag, some office supplies, and a lunch box. Isn’t that great!

Not to mention on a typical market day, my partner filled the box with vegetables, eggs, spices and meat. Its so cool having a Givi Box on my Mio Sporty! I might never place back again the spoiler of my Mio.

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