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nighttime toothpaste I’ve been itching to blog about my new discovery! I’m talking about Xylitol not Lipovox. Its an ingredient that is included on my new found toothpaste, Dentiste’. According to experts, Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables that bacteria cannot feed on. Which means it hates and kills bacteria that lives on our mouth while we sleep at night.

I feel a bit different the first time I used it since its much thicker and produced less froth than the usual toothpaste Im accustomed to. And its quite economical, since 1cm is enough to make your breath fresh until morning. After brushing, my whole mouth feel so refreshed with its minty flavor.

I got up in the morning to test Dentiste’ slogans “For fresh Morning Breath” if its true.  How I did it? Coming straight from bed, I called all people in the house and made them my guinea pigs. I told them to form a line infront of me, then I blow my breath intensively on each of their faces! What a scene haha! You wouldn’t believe it! But not one of them complained of smelling bad breath! Haha! It really works! Kissing in the morning hasn’t been this good! Thanks Dentiste’

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10 thoughts on “Fresh Morning Breath”

  1. Hi there, yes Dentiste is very effective. I also got a free one c/o Noel. Maraming salamat sa Dentiste. 🙂 I hope you can check my blog too for my review for Dentiste!

  2. I really love Dentiste nighttime toothpaste… Its different from other toohtpaste and its really effective! The first time I use I feel the difference from my old toothpaste (I don’t want to use again my old toothpaste).

    Dentiste rock!!!!

  3. Im also using Dentiste at napaka ganda nyang product talaga… nabili ko un 1st sa isang bazaar sa world trade center.. binili ko kc bago eh.. at kakaiba ang kanyang dating.. 1st time ko kc nakakita ng toothpaste na made from herbal extracts.. nasanay na kc ako lagi sa mga sikat na brand.. ng puro chemicals.. pero nung sinubukan ko sya very effective talaga sya.. nung una ko syang ginamit.. pag gising ko.. iba talaga ang feeling.. hindi makapal ang dila ko.. hindi rin mapait ang lasa.. at higit sa lahat hindi mabaho ang hininga ko.. parang hindi ako natulog.. kung ano ung feeling ko sa mouth ko bago ako matulog.. ganun parin ang feeling ko pag gising ko.. “FRESH BREATH” talaga.. Nice work Dentiste ~~

  4. I have been using Dentiste’ plus white “Nighttime Toothpaste for a year now, and it has made a tremendous difference to my oral health!

    Before using Dentiste, I was visiting the dental hygienist every four months to clean the build-up from my teeth. Adding DENTISTE to my regular dental hygiene routine has controlled the build-up of plaque and calculus on my teeth. Now, I only need to get my teeth cleaned twice a year and my dental hygienist has commented on the improved condition of my teeth and gums!

    An added benefit is Dentiste’ fresh herbal flavour. It keeps my mouth and breath fresh and clean all day. I no longer have terrible “morning mouth”. When I wake up, my mouth still fells clean and minty fresh!”

  5. I’ve been using Dentiste’ for almost a year and I don’t want to use my old brand of toothpaste. Thanks dentiste for keeping my breath fresh….

  6. I’m a regular user of Dentiste. I love using it because it’s made of herbal ingredients & sugar free pa, they used xylitol as the sweetener. My kids also using it because they found it effective, no bad breath in the morning plus madali daw mag heal ang singaw nila sa bibig.
    Great Product & one of a kind!!! Keep it up Dentiste!!!

  7. Effective nga talaga. nabasa ko lang tong blog na toh kahapon kaya naghanap ako agad. at nkita ko nga ito sa watsons. 60g lang binili ko pang trial ko lang. 138pesos. ginamit ko sya kagabi para malaman ko kung totoo nga ang sinasabi d2. 1st thing in the morning pinaamoy ko sa husband ko ang aking breath. at wala naman siyang sinabi. sabi nya lang. wala naman daw amoy. at inamoy ko ang kanya. mabaho!! kaya sabi ko sa kanya. honey mamayang gabi gumamit ka ng Dentiste’ ha !! para may kiss ka sakin bukas. ^^,

  8. Very Effective indeed! I now use it during day time too! Can’t lve without it anymore. One more thing… you should check out their toothbrush! Soft and has flossing effect and even good in cleaning your tongue. Perfect combination!

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