Baguio Ride 2009

Although there are some consequences I disregard just to have this dream ride push through!

byaheng baguio 2009

Time and budget was no issue this time because the christmas holiday was too long to just waste without having one decent ride, and I have saved enough dough from my bonuses too.

Although there are some consequences I disregard just to have this dream ride push through!

1. swollen left wrist – from accidentally doing a stoppie (while having a backride)
2. muscle pain on my chest – from the stoppie as well
3. low pressure area on my route
4. ride buddies backing out on the last minute
5. wifey was against it, saying the stoppie incident was a premonition, bwahaha

I still carry on with my original plan and that is ride my Mio Sporty all the way to Baguio even if I have to go solo. Good thing I posted a thread on MCP asking if anybody would like to ride with me. And Nhokie (from MCP) was my equally decided riding buddy that answered my call.

As a result. Nhokie and I met at Caltex Trinoma at around 5:30am(our take-off point). After a short introduction to each other and having our tanks filled-up. We bow our heads as we asked our Savior to guide us on our trip. We were both excited as this would be both our first time to go to Baguio on a motorcycle.

We’re expecting drizzle along the way but to no avail, there is none, not a single drop. We somehow got lost along Bulacan and Pampanga, but people we’ve asked for instructions are very helpful. There was one time a long hair motorcyclist (red cruiser bike)that stopped and told us to follow him as he guide as all the way to san Fernando, Pampanga. Although we didn’t got his name, we just waved at him as a gesture for goodbye and thanks.

Since were both newbie on this ride. Our pacing is a bit slow, only 60kph – 80kph. Just enough to appreciate the sceneries. We have reached the Lions Head in Kennon Road at around noontime. Then finally at around 1:05 after some occasional stopover to gas up, to eat, to rest and for picture taking, our tires set foot on Baguio City! Thank God it was a trouble-free ride all the way to Baguio.

We billeted at the historical Teacher’s Camp were we got some cool discounts for being a rider (joke) actually for being a gov’t employee. We ate and rest for a while. Then by nighttime were both ready to scour Baguio City. we discovered that it wasn’t a good idea to ride at night in Baguio as the cold temperature is getting more cooler as we rode against the wind. Me and Nhokie was trembling as we rode around. Our hands are the most affected. Not even my leather gloves can’t stop the chill. I’m grinning and bit sarcastic to Nhokie coz he wasn’t wearing any gloves at all…haha!

The following day…the usual thing to do when in Baguio…visit Wright Park…Mansion House…Mines View…Good Sheperd….Session road….Burnham Park…..SM Baguio and of course my favorite…the Wagwagan’s of Baguio. Its actually included on my itinerary hehe.

For safety reasons. We decided to park our bikes at SM pay parking. And just walk to all of the areas we would like to go. In less than an hour of searching ukay-ukay shops, I have found a nice leather jacket that amazingly fitted my beer belly for a very nice price haha.

Missing the techie life. We looked for an internet cafe to check emails and stuff. We found one at Session Road for a surprisingly low price of P10/hour! I guess maybe because they don’t have to install aircons anymore haha!

One of the highlights of our Baguio Trip was witnessing the arrival of the AMDG-Petron Endurance and Economy Run 2009 at the Petron Gas Station in Kisad Road, Baguio City. Met lots of good old friends, acquaintances and MCP forumers there. Me and Nhokie were inspired by the determination of the participants who rode for 1,000 kilometers through Northern Luzon within 24 hours.

I’ve took some photos of some of the finishers. Although I really want to see smaller displacement to arrive at the finish line. We decided to leave the event early coz were chillin. We dropby at a nearby grocery and bought the wine of the month to cure our

Check-out our Baguio photos HERE!

Raredog Report:

Baguio Trip (January 2 – 4, 2009)
Ride – Yamaha Mio Sporty (stock bike but modified driver lol)

Day 1 – Jan 2, 2009

Odometer Reading
2776 – Home Greenpark

5:30 am Take off at Caltex North Ave. with Nhokie

2853 – 7:00am – Petron San Fernando, Pampanga
2869 – 7:35am – Angeles, Pampanga —  P100 – 3 liters
2901 – 8:20am – Capas, Tarlac
2974 – 10:12 – Urdaneta, Pangasinan
3005 – 11:05 – Shell, Rosario — P100 3.17 liters
3033 – 12:40 – Lions Head, Kennon Road
3040 – 1:05 – Touchdown Baguio City

264 kilometers
7 hours 35 minutes

Day 2 – Jan 3, 2009

70kms spend during the entire three days roaming around the city and at Lexber Home in Naguillan

Day 3 – Jan 4, 2009

3110 – 1:25pm  – Petron Kisad — P100 2.76 liters
3110 – 3:10pm  – Take-Off via Kennon Road again
3209 – 5:35pm – Tarlac Bukana
(first time I rode full tank and stop only when its empty)
3280 – 7:30pm – 8:30pm Angeles, Pampanga –
eat at Aling Lucing Original Sisig courtesy of Sir Click_ME of MCP

Flat tire of Nhokie’s rear tire at Apalit Pampanga,
spend almost 3 hours @#%$*!

3339 – 12:25am – Pulilan, Bulacan –  P100 3.10 liters – we got lost here, haha
3393 – 1:40am P32.50 – 1 liter – Home at last!

283 kilometers (around 20kms wasted when we got lost in Pulilan, Bulacan)
12 hours 15 minutes

Total Load – More or less 200 pounds (me + gears and stuffs)
Total Run – 617 kilometers
Total Gas Budget – Less than P500 @ average of P33/liter
Total Gas Consumption – 3 + 3.17 + 2.76 + 3.10 + 1 = 13.03 or 13 liters
Fuel Efficiency – 47.35kms/liter

Thank God for the wonderful and safe ride! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Baguio Ride 2009”

  1. raredog was right budget was no issue, i survive this adventure with only P2,500 on my pocket. actually i have no money when i join raredog in this ride i just pawn my gold necklace in session road. in my small budget i manage to complete my ride, buy some “PASALUBONG”,, drink some beer..

    above all,, it was a ride and adventure of a life time..

    it was a good ride!!!!

  2. Nice Nice, fresh from the Nesvita polls, went straight to Baguio to chillax. Got some info I could use when I go to Baguio next week. Hehe. Copy/Paste. Anyway, too bad you didn’t try eating at goodtaste, or donhen when you went there. Sarap ng Luto dun.

    Congrats on your Ride. Hope I can ride w/ you anytime soon.

  3. @nhokie – thanks for the company bro! until next time…bili ka na ng anti-flat hehe

    @MIDAS – goodluck on your plan ride to Baguio. We never knew those restaurant you’ve mentioned. Maybe next time.

    raredog’s last blog post..Baguio Ride 2009

  4. your ride is adventure,, i like dat ,, i want to experience dat too.. my friends plan go to baguio on february, exactly flower festival,,,mas maganda mag strol pag marami kau… adventure talaga yun,,, and i wish maranasan din namin,, yung happiness ninyo,, gud luck to us..
    jay ar of Aurora province

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