Saturday Night Live

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gin pomelo
Recieved a text at around 6:30pm, my friend Edsel told me that Jun’s Bday was postponed until next week! “Darn, I was waiting for this day!!”

Recieved another text from Deo, “Hey! There’s a Castrol Bikers Party tonight at Metrowalk, maybe you should check it out, but me, I’m not available tonight”.

I texted Edsel about the Bikers Party, and he said “Hell Yah!!! Let’s go”.

Afterwards we met at Shell Ortigas

I brought one Bottle Gin (Bilog)
One Tang Litro Pack (Pomelo Flavor)
and One Shot Glass

Edsel brought with him
One Liter Coleman with lots of tube ice in it
Stainless Lunch pack with two section
One for Adobong Kambing and One for Kinilaw na Kambing

I’ve mix the cocktail, and off we drink at the parking lot ignoring other riders, security guards, and even uniformed policemen, as if we are in a different world, hehehe 😆

Ahh the coleman is now empty, “Let’s take a walk”, we checked out the party, the rides, the babes, the show and the fireworks. They’re all COOL!!!

“Time for washing!” said my amigo. We rode to the nearby Tiendesitas, the place is full. Good thing that Edsel’s cousin works there, one of the top guy at that place, hehehe. That’s why we managed to have ourselves a decent table near the stage. We enjoy watching the featured band while as we chug-a-lug a barrel of cold and crisp tasting draft beer and guzzle some hot and chili tacos. 😳

Headed for crib past midnight. 😉

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wag lang magda-drive pag nakainom.. mahirap na.

nonetheless, you had a good time!

Don’t worry bro, moderate lang naman, and besides tricycle ang dala ko 😆

haha, ok. wag lang i-banking ang tricycle 🙂

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