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Pages Hall

I’ve been to Baguio a number of times, but this is my first time to stay at the famous and historical Teachers Camp. Its surprisingly timely since its celebrating its 100 years in existence. We’re fortunate to be billeted at the Pages Hall dormitory as the checker told us before that they were fully-booked. Good thing we waited for a couple of minutes at the lobby.

The room has ample space for 3 persons. It has 2 mini tables and 3 bunk beds that I find too comfy to sleep on, maybe because of its soft matress and springs. I actually had a hard time to sleep the first night because of its super softiness and also to the chilly weather.

The best place for me there is when I got up to poop the next morning. Its nature at its best! Cool wind blowing at your face, while you see lots and lots of pine trees outside. How? A big window is right beside me from where I’m sitting. I think from my shoulder upwards can be seen from the outside and vice-versa. I can view the whole Benitez Hall, and can even wave to the people on the parking lot haha! There’s a curtain installed but maybe some Cheap Blinds would be more classy. Overall, our stay at Teachers Camp Baguio was great! I shall return. 😀

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Posted on November 18, 2010

Do you have any contact their? thanks 🙂

@gem – so sorry, but I misplaced the O.R. from them. Anyway, here are some numbers I found on the internet, you can check them out

Teachers Camp Superintendent +63(074)442-5695

Cottage of the Registrar +63(074)442-3517

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