Growing Up Fast

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., Geri Barce... | 01.24.2009 - 8:10 pm

lighted ballSean Kirk just turned five last November and is growing up fast. The last time we’ve measured his height was 3 months ago. We were surprised that he gained one and a half inch in such a short period. Im sure his vitamins and proper sleeping bahavior helped him a lot.

It’ll just be a matter of time that he wouldn’t be wearing his catimini anymore, and instead be using a lot of today’s teen apparel. Although he’s free to use some of my shorten clothings if he likes to. But I doubt it haha!

P.S. To all Godmother and Godfather of Sean Kirk. He’s asking me if you still remember him? lol 😀

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