Earn Dollars while your online

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Earn Dollars while your online!

1. Are you always online?
2. Do you want to have many friends online?
3. Do you got some photos you want to share with your families and friends worldwide?
4. Do you like Discussions? Debate?
5. Do you regularly post in some forums? threads?
6. Do you have questions in general that needed some answers?
7. Do you want to earn dollars?

If YES is your answer to questions 1 to 7. Then this is your chance to earn dollars while online! Just message me if you want more information. Or you can PM me at Yahoo Messenger – raredog79

Or if you wanna start now? Just click the image below to register.

P.S. This is not a FULL-TIME JOB, you can do this during your free time or anytime you feel. 😀


click to register

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But…how do they send the money? Hmp….

Paypal is needed but in our case since nde pa pede sa atin ang Paypal, you would recieve your earnings thru e-gold which you can exchange for peso sa PGX – kaya join ka na, pag me question ka pa, just pm me sa YM raredog79 😀

ako din, gusto ko nito hehe!

Liz nag-send nko ng email syo regarding this stuff. Clik mo na lang to register. 😀

Very nice site! Good work.

can you tell me how the Earnings portion works? how can i encash the money? how much did you earn?

Thanks a lot libera.
@deejayz – I have sent an email sir re: earn while ur online.

hi, how to earn money online? please send me any link to rightclick@hackermail.com…. Thank you…

Great article,
this is very true
i liked your article and you r website keep it up ,
keep writing

rock on! MMOI

geri a.k.a. raredog’s last blog post..Dodgeball Game

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