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At last a dotcom website of my own, after years of making websites mostly in geocities, and redirecting it to different free commercial domain, like cjb.net, lookscool.com, etc.. I can now proudly say to myself and to everyone that I now have my own domain.

With the help and teaching of my mastah/mentor Benj (benjarriola.com), he’s the one who told me about blogging and WordPress.

By the way I’m raredog in the internet community, and been using that alias since 1998, but somebody has registered it before me on yahoo, so I have change it to rare_dog. Since then I was planning to have a website, and that would obviously be raredog.com. That domain is very available when I checked it, but unfortunately my funds are not. Until the last time I checked it during the year 2005.

I got surprised to found out it already has an owner…waaahhhh!!  And you guess it right, the site is really about dogs. Now I know that every second counts when deciding a domain for yourself or your company.

Then came the time Benj ask me if I want to start a blog. I immediately said “yes”, then Benj told me to think of a catchy name first for my blog/domain before anything else. I just sat there infront of my pc thinking, and this question is circling on my mind “Ano magandang name para sa websayt ko?  (What will be the best name for my website?) websayt ko? websayt ko? websayt ko? Aha! That’s it! That will be the name of my website. WEBSAYTKO.COM

I urgently checked the availability of “websaytko” at DirectNic and found out its not yet taken. Then without wasting time  I asked Benj to have it registered for me, before somebody would.  By the way “websaytko” is actually the Tagalog translation of “my website“.

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Posted on July 3, 2008


Im Lea and Im working for “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” in GMA7. We are currently working on a segment about NUGA bed. I came across your site and read your entry about it. How can I get in touch with you? You can reach me at kmjs@gmanetwork.com Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks


Posted on July 4, 2008

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Posted on July 5, 2008

Hi Lea – email sent 😀

Hi Abby – just registered

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Posted on August 25, 2008

Hi im from gensan…..im too curious what that floating hand… can you gve me some idea… please

Its actually a marquee gif. No links whatsoever. It just signifies the site’s age. It turns two last May.

geri’s last blog post..Red Dot on my Face

Hi! Can I have your email address as well as your other contact details? We would like to invite you for our media launch

Hi Lany wassupp? U can email me at advertise@websaytko.com

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Maria Beverly Sambajon
Posted on October 11, 2009

Good day sir. I’m a researcher of GMA-7’s Case Unclosed. Currently we are working on an episode about the Glorietta Blast and I’m looking for people who were actually there when in happened who could share their stories to us. I understand it must be hard to talk about it, but if ever you’re willing to be interviewed or knows someone who is, please feel free to contact me at caseunclosed@gmanetwork.com or my mobile number 09053414847. Thank you very much.

@Maria – sorry but the person involved in the Glorietta blast simply wants to be anonymous. Thanks for the visit on my site though.

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hi geri,

good day to you… you have a nice site…got ur site thru jolly works hosting forum. like you, i’d look to have my own dotcom website and currently, i’m on a look out for web hosting. i would like to seek some favor from you. i would like to get additional feedback about your experiences regarding jolly works hosting sana and would you recommend them? hope to get response from you. thanks in advance.

@yljien – Tnx for the compliments po. I have 6 sites with them. Just like what I’ve already said in the forum. There were some birth pains during the first week or so. But now smooth gliding na po. Recommend? Yup I would!

napadaan lang. Via google.heheh. Nice site. Galing! Idol ko na po kayo. 🙂

@emotero – thanks bro! by the way, ano po search nyo sa google at dito kayo napadpad 😀


I think your website is being hosted from vertito.com, and not from jolly works.

Posted on May 1, 2011

@richard – yup it’s true, jolly was a former host of mine.


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